PAYF – the Pay-as-you-feel concept

054At the Real Junk Food Project we do not sell any food. We offer all of our meals fon a pay-as-you-feel basis. How people choose to support the project is up to them. If customers can afford to eat out, we ask them to consider what they think is a fair price for the meal they have enjoyed, and leave us that amount. But we equally value people offering their time, skills and energy to support the project, with some offering to wash the pots, clean the windows, or help us to create artwork to spruce up the restaurant. More than just providing free meals to those in need, we have found that the pay-as-you-feel concept creates a sense of community, and a relationship between the people who run, use, and volunteer in the project, that just doesn’t happen in the money economy. The pay-as-you-feel concept is an essential part of the project, and is as important to us as reducing food waste.