Wanted: Chest Freezer

freezeFrom the beginning of January TRJFP@AH Cafe will be opening on Tuesdays as well as Fridays. We will also be intercepting more food and so we are in need of more storage for this food.

We are looking for a large chest freezer that we can use to freeze our intercepted food. If you have one spare or know of where we might find one please let us know.

Our wish list

The cafe runs using intercepted food and volunteers, but there are some essentials (and not quite so essential) items that we need in order to be able to run an effective and clean cafe. We could go out and buy some of these things, but equally, many of these things may be lying around not being used, maybe waiting to be thrown out. So we draw up our wishlist each week – maybe we could help you de-clutter!

Here is this weeks wish list:


Wish list

TRJFP@AH cafe operates on a volunteer basis and uses intercepted food with the aim or reducing (or even eliminating!) the amount of food that ends up in landfill. We also want to educate people about the real value of food and help to build community. We operate on a PAYF (pay as you feel) basis which means that we will accept donations of money, time or other items in exchange for food – there is no such thing as a free lunch!

We have a wish list of items on the wall at the cafe so if you are able to help out, in exchange for food of course, we would be very grateful.

Our current wishlist has the following items on it:

  • volunteers
  • serviettes
  • dish cloths
  • table cloths
  • tea towels
  • aprons
  • coffee and sugar
  • and volunteers!