Volunteer Manager Needed

Are you enthusiastic? Keen to reduce waste? Do you enjoy cooking and working with people? 

TRJFP @ All Hallows’ Café is looking for someone to help manage the café alongside Emma.  In January 2015 we will be opening on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10am till 4pm.  We need a person who will be able to collect food, plan menus based on the food that is in stock, cook, serve and manage other volunteers within the café.  Qualifications in Food Hygiene and First Aid are desirable, but not essential.  For more information contact Emma: emma@café.allhallowsleeds.org.uk

What’s the recipe today Jim?

Anyone remember that phrase? And how apt it is for TRJFP Cafes. We can’t plan the menus a week in advance as we can’t guarantee what food will be available. It takes a bit of skill to be able to create an amazing menu under these circumstances but Adam seems to do an amazing job over at Armley and our chefs are trying to emulate his skills.

So, watch out on our website and on Facebook tomorrow morning to find out what is being rustled up, and come and join us any time between 10am and 4pm.

And if you fancy a challenge as a chef why not have a word with Emma, we can never have too many chefs – can we?


Anyone can be a volunteer…


We’ve got volunteers from all sorts of backgrounds and with lots of different skills. However the one that we see as most important is being willing. One volunteer that I haven’t yet mentioned is our fabulous electrician who has been fixing lights and is going to mend this old urn so that we can put it back into use. Do you have specific skills to share or are you willing to help out with whatever needs doing? If so send me an email: themawers@hotmail.co.uk

What a fantastic launch!

We had lots of people through the doors enjoying drinks and cakes. 53 of those people dined with us, including Adam the founder of TRJFP, his partner Johanna and their baby son Joshua!



We served 43 meals and 26 desserts. In return we received £146.33 in donations plus some volunteers! The team of 8 who volunteered today were amazing! Leanne, our wonderful chef cooked delicious food, helped by Ricky. The rest of the team were friendly, welcoming, efficient and hard working. Thank you so much to everyone for making it such a great day! We look forward to serving even more people next week.