Thank you for your donations!

Today we received £79.88 in donations.

What will happen to the money?
Some of it is used to pay the rent and bills for the use of All Hallows’ Church. Some of it is used to buy essential ingredients that we are in need of e.g. Milk. Then the rest is being saved to be put back into the cafe/ community. We hope to offer training for those who maybe can’t afford it. In addition we may support a community event e.g. Raising money for Syria. If you have any comments on how we use the funds, please let us know through Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively email

A great day!

Well we had 40 people dining with us today, with the addition of a child and 2 dogs!

Lots of food was served:
9 portions of soup
10 portions of bean and vegetable cobbler
10 portions of cheesy pasta
8 portions of pizza
8 portions of apple crumble
10 portions of bread and butter pudding
All of the feedback was very positive and the courgette soup seems to be particularly popular!

The lovely Di did 4 hair cuts.

Tamsin spent time advertising the Time Bank and getting to know people.

We even had someone giving hand massages!

In addition, the take out option is becoming quite popular. Between about 3 and 4pm we are boxing up food and are always happy to give it to those who want a microwaveable dinner!

A huge thank you to everyone who supported us this week, as customers or volunteers. I have to say that we are blessed with a very hard working volunteer team. We couldn’t run the cafe without them…and of course we wouldn’t be open if it wasn’t for our wonderful customers!

What a fantastic second Friday!

A huge thank you to all who supported the cafe today either as a volunteer or as a customer. It was a slightly bigger challenge than last week as we didn’t have our lovely chef Leanne. However, Emma, along with a wonderful team, produced a very tasty menu of food. We had 52 people dining with us and an extra 5 who came for a drink, take out food or to just look around. 13 bowls of soup were served, 17 pieces of pizza and 12 portions of quiche…and let’s not forget the potato wedges that went with those meals. Then 14 portions of apple crumble and custard were consumed along with 4 bowlfuls of fruit salad. All in all, lots of happy customers!
We received £80.75 in donations and 3 people signed up to volunteer.
I also have to mention that our multitalented Di cut 3 people’s hair and Tamsin got some new volunteers for the Time Bank.
Thank you again to everyone who made it such a great day!

What a fantastic launch!

We had lots of people through the doors enjoying drinks and cakes. 53 of those people dined with us, including Adam the founder of TRJFP, his partner Johanna and their baby son Joshua!



We served 43 meals and 26 desserts. In return we received £146.33 in donations plus some volunteers! The team of 8 who volunteered today were amazing! Leanne, our wonderful chef cooked delicious food, helped by Ricky. The rest of the team were friendly, welcoming, efficient and hard working. Thank you so much to everyone for making it such a great day! We look forward to serving even more people next week.