Martyn Joseph – Live At All Hallows

Saturday sees TRJFP@AH catering for the  Live At All Hallows Martyn Joseph gig. If you are going to the gig and want a meal please book your meal via the EventBrite page.

Here is the pre-gig menu:

Organic tomato and basil soup
Spicy lentil bake and pilau rice
Spinach and cheese frittata
Mediterranean chicken and pasta
Wendsleydale, ginger and lime cheesecake
Profiteroles with chocolate sauce

We look forward to seeing you all, and Martyn Joseph of course!

Martyn Joseph

Birthday time!

This Sunday is All Saints or All Hallows Day (thus the evening before being All Hallows Eve!) All Hallows Church, where TRJFP@AH is based, celebrate this day as their birthday and this year they are celebrating all weekend!

We are joining in with the celebrations by making pumpkin pie from donated pumpkins and we will be having a Pumpkin Pie Feast on Friday.

Do come and join us!


Live At All Hallows – Grace Petrie & The Benefits Culture, and Jasmine Kennedy

Grace Petrie 2

Grace Petrie & The Benefits Culture
Jasmine Kennedy
14th November 2015
19:45 – 23:00
Pre-gig Cafe open 18:00 – 20:00

Grace Petrie is a songwriter, activist and performer from Leicester, UK. She first exploded on to the national protest scene in 2010 with the emotive folk-punk anthem Farewell to Welfare, which captured perfectly the spirit of the new wave of dissent in austerity Britain. Protest legend Billy Bragg heard her music and invited her to share his Leftfield stage at Glastonbury.

Since then she has quietly become one of the most prolific and respected songwriters working in the UK. Her latest release, Love Is My Rebellion (2013) charts the journey beyond protest singer, through mid-term political cynicism and personal change to emerge through shades of folk, Americana and country as a more mature songwriting voice. The result is a collection of songs that provide a soundtrack to the modern struggle, with faith and with love, that will resonate with listeners everywhere.

Grace’s young career boasts three studio albums, a dedicated fan base and national tours supporting Emmy the Great, Billy Bragg and comedians Robin Ince and Josie Long, as well as a string of festival appearances including regular visits to Latitude and Glastonbury. She is a frequent guest on BBC Radio 4’s the Now Show and has appeared on Channel 4’s Random Acts. She has been featured in The Guardian, Diva Magazine and named “one to watch” in the Independent on Sunday’s 2013 Pink List of influential LGBT figures.

Handmade Festival say (and we agree):

“Grace Petrie is one of our favourite people in the world. Not only does she make music that is inspiring, confident and downright important, but she’s one of the funniest and most committed people we’ve met in our years on this earth.”

The LAAH team first heard Grace in 2011, and she played a solo set at Live at All Hallows in March 2013. This time she is bringing along her band, The Benefits Culture, fresh from a stunning Greenbelt mainstage set.

When we asked Grace for any preference on who we asked to support her at this gig, she immediately asked for local lass Jasmine Kennedy. Grace and Jas met at our March 2013 International Women’s Day gig, and have been musical compatriots ever since. This 22-year-old from Batley has immense talent and an endearing charm. She sings from the heart and has a most soulful voice that is often compared with Tracy Chapman’s. Her lyrics spring from a collection of throw away observations and bittersweet tales which possess a remarkable power to stun an audience to silence.

Jasmine has recently hinted that she’s beginning to write for her third album, the follow up to 2013’s a Love Song to Finance. Maybe she’ll try a new song out on us?

“When I heard Jasmine Kennedy for the first time it was one of those rare moments where everything had to stop while I listened. There is a simple honesty about the voice and the songs. I am not often struck by a quality I cannot readily describe.” – Sam Saunders, LMS

Tickets for the gig are £8 in advance, more on the door, as well as being available online they will be some in due course at Jumbo Records.

And if you want to make it a full night out, between 6pm and 8pm you will be able to enjoy a lovely main meal and/or a scrummy dessert from the The Real Junk Food Project @ All Hallows. The Real Junk Food Project intercepts food that would otherwise go to waste from supermarkets, restaurants and a number of other sources, and turns it into delicious, nutritious meals for visitors on a pay-as-you-feel donation basis.

For more information see Facebook

Saturday 3rd October – Pop Up Cafe

Today we worked alongside Leeds Beckett Student Union at their Welcome to Leeds event. We ran the pop up cafe from Wrangthorne Church near Hyde Park Corner. Some of our 85 customers came into the cafe, but we also headed out into the skate park and onto the street to promote the food. It was well received by everyone who ate it. One of our customers said it was, “…the best burger I have ever eaten!” which was praise indeed!

Here’s what people ate:

  • 10 fish fingers in a bun
  • 15 cheddar cheese and roasted pepper wraps
  • 30 beef burger in a bun
  • 25 minted lamb burger in a bun
  • 10 pieces of banana cake
  • 11 pieces of courgette cake
  • 8 pieces of flapjack
  • 8 pieces of fruit cake
  • 2 pieces of panettone

£115.18 was given in donations.

Thank you very much to everyone who supported the cafe today!


Live At All Hallows’ – Jim Boyes with Belinda O’Hooley

After the resounding success of the Live At All Hallows’ November O’Hooley & Tidow gig, we’re pleased to announce that The Real Junk Food Project @ All Hallows (as seen on the BBC’s Songs of Praise) are opening the Cafe especially for LAAH before Sensations of a Wound on 20th February.

Between 6pm and 8pm you will be able to enjoy a lovely main meal and/or a scrummy dessert before the gig (doors 7:45pm); plus there will be a pop-up LAAH bar in the Cafe area so you can accompany your meal with a drink should you wish. For more information about the gig see the All Hallows’ website.

Doors for the gig itself will open at 7:45pm as usual, along with the full Live At All Hallows bar including local craft ale…. but why not make it a full night out by joining us for a meal beforehand?

jim_boyes_and_belinda_ohooley 2

Town Street

On Friday evening we catered for “Town Street“, a drama written by Owain Shaw, one of our volunteers plus “A Christmas Carol” – a one man rendition. Soup, cake and mulled fruit juice was on offer and we had were well entertained! The whole event was PAYF. Here are some photos from Town Street.

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O’Hooley and Tidow LAAH Gig “In Pictures”

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A fantastic evening catering for the LAAH O’Hooley and Tidow gig. The food did go down as well as the drink! We only had a few helpings of crumble left by the end of the evening with loads of positive comments and thumbs up, especially for the chocolate bread and butter pudding.

For more on Live At All Hallows’ visit

For the magnificent O’Hooley and Tidow visit their website – I strongly recommend going to one of their gigs, buying their albums, or if you are hard up, sample their videos online!