LS6 Time Bank

Timebanking is a way for local people to help each other and be recognised for the help that they give. Everyone’s time is valued equally regardless of the skills being exchanged and no money exchanges hands.


Example of LS6 Time Bank offers and requests on the blackboard at TRJFP@AH Cafe

For every hour a member spends helping another, (e.g. piano lesson, dog walking), they receive one time credit which they can spend on getting some help from another member (e.g. help filling out a form, getting a lift to the airport). One hour = one Time Credit.

Time Banks help people to get stuff done, pick up new skills, meet new people and feel good.

The LS6 Time Bank which is open to people living or working in Headingley, Hyde Park or Woodhouse.





You can find out more about LS6 Time Bank on their FaceBook page or come down to the cafe and talk to Tamsin (pictured left) who comes down to the cafe on a regular basis.


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