Friday in the cafe – 29th May 2015

Day 2 for Theo standing in for Emma as Emma takes a well earned break over half term. The day started very quiet and a lot of our regulars were away this week but the food was still excellent! We also took deliver of a load of bread and salad along with more salad so today was obviously going to be a salad day!

Today we served up:

  • 14 portions of soup
  • 8 portions of chicken casserole (with optional salad)
  • 20 portions of hot dog in a roll (with optional salad)
  • 3 portions of vegetable stew (with optional salad)
  • 6 portions of naked fruit salad

We also had a food boutique today with mostly salad on it, surprise, surprise! There were approximately 23 portions of food taken as take out on a PAYF basis.

Thank you everyone for the £28.26 in donations and for the help in the kitchen. Your help is very much appreciated but if anyone is able to help at the end of the day with clearing up between 3pm and 4.30pm your help would be especially appreciated!

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