Friday 22nd May

Half term about to start, Emma on holiday, it’s going to be quiet today. 

Or maybe not!

Abbie was standing in for Emma today and prepared some amazing food but by midday we thought there would be no one to eat it. And then the doors opened and it was non stop for the next few hours! We served nearly 50 people today and received donations of £76.83 plus help with the washing up and the installation of a new toilet in the gents! Food served included:

  • 18 portions of leek and potato soup
  • A couple of tinned soups of ’57 vintage!
  • 24 portions of quiche
  • 15 portions of chicken satay
  • 3 portions of vegetable curry
  • 3 portions of chicken curry
  • 5 portions of stir fry vegetables
  • 2 portions of cabbage crumble and cheese
  • 10 portions of rhubarb tarte
  • 10 portions of fruit salad
  • 20 portions of raspberry marshmallow crisp

We ran out of food at one point and Abbie managed to rustle up some more tasty food. A huge thank you to all our customers who showed great patience and humour and were so generous with their donations and comments. Do please leave a comment (perferably positive!) either here or on our Facebook page.

Also a big thank you to all the volunteers who made today possible – and sorry Emma, I think we raided some of the food you had prepared for later!

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