A great day!

The cafe was quite quiet to start with today, but then things picked up. We ended up with 38 people dining with us.

Here’s what they enjoyed:

13 portions of carrot and corriander soup
17 portions of vegetable enchiladas
13 portions of blue cheese and courgette pasta
11 portions of Eve’s pudding and custard
11 portions of ginger and lime cheesecake
3 portions of banana and chocolate sorbet

We received £81.85 in monetary donations and another 2 people asked to volunteer. All of today’s volunteers did a wonderful job, as usual – thank you! I want to particularly thank one individual who stayed right till the very end, despite the fact that we locked up a lot later than usual! We couldn’t run the cafe without the amazing support of these people.

Tamsin was in the cafe advertising the Time Bank over lunch time. She had some good conversations and had another person offering their skills. Don’t forget to check the board in the cafe to see which skills are available for you to request.

Thank you to everyone else who helped us to run the cafe in whatever way. You have enabled us to open on Tuesdays, as well as Fridays, in 2015! Tuesday 6th of January will be the first one.

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