Another great Friday!

We had 42 people dining with us today. Plenty of children joined us who were on their half term holiday. The food was thoroughly enjoyed and we sold out of both our main dishes.

Our team of volunteers did a wonderful job, as always. We had a few new people, including a pair who were happy to give up some of their school holiday to help out. A huge thank you to all of you!

Here’s what we served today:
– 9 portions of cabbage and bacon soup
– 15 portions of tuna pasta
– 25 bean burgers (mostly served with potato wedges)
– 8 portions of apple crumble
– 6 portions of brioche pudding
– 10 portions of millionaires shortbread

A kind student who was going back to Malaysia brought down all sorts of things from her house that she no longer needed. Thank you so much! We were also given lots of tins, some icing, fruit squash, cups, napkins and washing up liquid by other people. Thank you. They will all be used at the cafe or go to a good home.

We received £91.84 in monetary donations and had another person signed up to volunteer.

It is great that all of this ‘waste’ food does not get thrown in the bin, but is served up as tasty meals.

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