What happened in the café today?

38 people dined with us today and all had very positive feedback about the food. Here’s what we served:
9 x carrot and corriander soup
16 x chicken pasta
16 x vegetable curry (including 4 to take out)
15 x apple and pear crumble
25 x rocky road (including 10 to take out)

We received £123.98 in monetary donations.

Tamsin chatted to lots of people about Time Bank and wrote the skills that are ready to be shared on the noticeboard. They included hair dressing, gardening, music lessons and much more. If you need any of these get in touch with her.

4 new people offered to help as volunteers today and Nazia has agreed to cook us a ‘proper curry’ next week. Don’t miss out!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped us to achieve what we did! Be it through volunteering, as a customer, by telling someone about the café, or through prayer, we really value your support!

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