Another successful day!

What a wonderful day at the café. 35 people dined with us and the feedback about the food was very positive!

Here’s what we served:
9 portions of soup with a roll
14 portions of chicken and runner bean pasta
19 portions of vegetable cottage pie (including 4 to take out)
1 portion of beetroot, carrot and apple salad
14 portions of apple crumble (including 6 to take out)
13 portions of chocolate chilli cheesecake (including 5 to take out)
2 portions of Christmas pudding

We had more children in the café this week, including 2 lovely girls who were fasting for Eid-al-Adha. They showed amazing self control as they chose the drinks and food that they were saving to eat at nightfall.

Several people showed interest in volunteering in the café and we have the potential of Asian food coming to the café soon. Watch this space!

The lovely Tamsin was in the café again educating people about ‘Time Bank’. Next week she is going to display all of the skills/services that you can trade for, by giving an hour of your time. Make sure that you take a look!

Finally, I think we can mention the adviser who paid us a visit this week. He is supporting us in food hygiene and health and safety standards. We are keen to get things set up correctly from the start.

So, all in all, a satisfying week. Happy customers, lots of good conversations and links being made and we’re aiming high on the food hygiene rating!

Thank you so much to everyone who had a part to play!!

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