A few facts and figures since the cafe opened…

Total weight of food saved from being thrown away: 725.807kg
(That’s roughly the weight of this cow!)
Total monetary donations: £1785.27
Total hours of service: 96.5
Total people served: 661
Total meals made: 1402
Average spend per head: £2.70
Average spend per hour: £18.50
Donations made per Kg: £2.50

Whilst reading these figures, bear in mind that we have only been open for 15 Fridays and catered for 3 evening events.

A great day!

The cafe was quite quiet to start with today, but then things picked up. We ended up with 38 people dining with us.

Here’s what they enjoyed:

13 portions of carrot and corriander soup
17 portions of vegetable enchiladas
13 portions of blue cheese and courgette pasta
11 portions of Eve’s pudding and custard
11 portions of ginger and lime cheesecake
3 portions of banana and chocolate sorbet

We received £81.85 in monetary donations and another 2 people asked to volunteer. All of today’s volunteers did a wonderful job, as usual – thank you! I want to particularly thank one individual who stayed right till the very end, despite the fact that we locked up a lot later than usual! We couldn’t run the cafe without the amazing support of these people.

Tamsin was in the cafe advertising the Time Bank over lunch time. She had some good conversations and had another person offering their skills. Don’t forget to check the board in the cafe to see which skills are available for you to request.

Thank you to everyone else who helped us to run the cafe in whatever way. You have enabled us to open on Tuesdays, as well as Fridays, in 2015! Tuesday 6th of January will be the first one.

Here’s what we did with them

We cooked and served:
– 11 portions of red pepper and beetroot soup with a roll
– 27 portions of potato curry
– 19 portions of bean stew and mashed potato
– 19 portions of wendsleydale ginger and lime cheesecake
– 1 portion of banana and chocolate ice-cream (unfortunately it took too long to set, so we’ll save it till next week)

In total 40 people dined at the cafe today.

We received some wonderful donations yesterday and today. One person donated garlic, tinned tomatoes, stock cubes and yoghurt. Another individual donated stock cubes, tinned tomatoes, oil and yet more garlic! Following that some kind students brought us some vegetables from their allotment. Plus, another person brought us lots of packets of blue cheese. Thank you so much to all of you!

We received £102.65 in monetary donations and had the record number of volunteers at the cafe at one time. For the first hour or so, we had 10 volunteers cutting vegetables, cooking, cleaning the fridge, setting up tables, serving… It was incredible to have so much help. A huge thank you to all of you!

Finally, a big thank you to everyone else who supported the cafe today in whatever way, big or small!

Another great Friday!

We had 42 people dining with us today. Plenty of children joined us who were on their half term holiday. The food was thoroughly enjoyed and we sold out of both our main dishes.

Our team of volunteers did a wonderful job, as always. We had a few new people, including a pair who were happy to give up some of their school holiday to help out. A huge thank you to all of you!

Here’s what we served today:
– 9 portions of cabbage and bacon soup
– 15 portions of tuna pasta
– 25 bean burgers (mostly served with potato wedges)
– 8 portions of apple crumble
– 6 portions of brioche pudding
– 10 portions of millionaires shortbread

A kind student who was going back to Malaysia brought down all sorts of things from her house that she no longer needed. Thank you so much! We were also given lots of tins, some icing, fruit squash, cups, napkins and washing up liquid by other people. Thank you. They will all be used at the cafe or go to a good home.

We received £91.84 in monetary donations and had another person signed up to volunteer.

It is great that all of this ‘waste’ food does not get thrown in the bin, but is served up as tasty meals.

At the café today…

What a ‘Souper’ day!
The roasted cauliflower soup was very popular and people even braved the brussel sprout rosti! We had 39 people dining with us in total, including a couple of babies and the postman – who took a piece of rocky road to enjoy on his rounds.

Our volunteers did a wonderful job, as always. Amy headed up the cooking and produced the fabulous tagine – thank you! Plus we had 2 new volunteers who fitted straight into the team.

Tamsin had some great conversations about the time bank. In fact, she managed to link 2 people up there and then in the café. One person needed her trousers taken up and the other lady was a seamstress. Take a look at the other skills that are in the time bank this week (see above) and get in touch with Tamsin if you want to request or receive.

Here’s the figures of what we served this week:
19 portions of roasted cauliflower soup
25 portions of morroccan vegetable stew
2 cheese salads
9 portions of bacon and sprout rosti
9 portions of Eve’s pudding
15 portions of rocky road
10 portions of bread and butter pudding

Thank you so much to everyone who supported us today – be it through volunteering in the café, donating items that we can use, donating money, clearing litter from the car park, distributing posters, eating our food, doing administration, introducing others to the café, or supporting us in prayer. It is amazing that there are so many ways in which people help us. We feel very blessed to have you all as part of the café!

Wonderful curry and chapattis…

image image image
We were very fortunate today to have Nazia and members of her family, making a delicious curry and freshly made chapattis! The food was thoroughly enjoyed by our customers. In fact, we ran out of vegetable curry as it was so popular. A total of 38 people dined with us and £114.05 was given in donations.

Here’s what we served:
7 portions of soup with a roll
13 portions of cheesy cauliflower bake
2 portions of cheesy cauliflower pasta
1 portion of salad
17 portions of curry with chapattis
18 portions of rocky road
11 portions of fruit salad
1 portion of chocolate cake
2 scones

Thank you very much to everyone who helped us to have a successful day! It is so good to know that all this food that would have gone to waste is being served up as tasty meals.

What happened in the café today?

38 people dined with us today and all had very positive feedback about the food. Here’s what we served:
9 x carrot and corriander soup
16 x chicken pasta
16 x vegetable curry (including 4 to take out)
15 x apple and pear crumble
25 x rocky road (including 10 to take out)

We received £123.98 in monetary donations.

Tamsin chatted to lots of people about Time Bank and wrote the skills that are ready to be shared on the noticeboard. They included hair dressing, gardening, music lessons and much more. If you need any of these get in touch with her.

4 new people offered to help as volunteers today and Nazia has agreed to cook us a ‘proper curry’ next week. Don’t miss out!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped us to achieve what we did! Be it through volunteering, as a customer, by telling someone about the café, or through prayer, we really value your support!

Generous donations!

Thank you very much to everyone who made a donation this week, be it through volunteering, giving us food to use, or donating cash. We had a great team of volunteers, as always, who were led by Josh (head chef for this week). It is a real privilege to work with them all. In monetary terms, we received £134.55 today. Cragg Hill Baptist Church allotment donated the runner beans and courgettes that were used and anonymous donors also contributed.

Thank you again. We wouldn’t be able to run the café without your support.

Another successful day!

What a wonderful day at the café. 35 people dined with us and the feedback about the food was very positive!

Here’s what we served:
9 portions of soup with a roll
14 portions of chicken and runner bean pasta
19 portions of vegetable cottage pie (including 4 to take out)
1 portion of beetroot, carrot and apple salad
14 portions of apple crumble (including 6 to take out)
13 portions of chocolate chilli cheesecake (including 5 to take out)
2 portions of Christmas pudding

We had more children in the café this week, including 2 lovely girls who were fasting for Eid-al-Adha. They showed amazing self control as they chose the drinks and food that they were saving to eat at nightfall.

Several people showed interest in volunteering in the café and we have the potential of Asian food coming to the café soon. Watch this space!

The lovely Tamsin was in the café again educating people about ‘Time Bank’. Next week she is going to display all of the skills/services that you can trade for, by giving an hour of your time. Make sure that you take a look!

Finally, I think we can mention the adviser who paid us a visit this week. He is supporting us in food hygiene and health and safety standards. We are keen to get things set up correctly from the start.

So, all in all, a satisfying week. Happy customers, lots of good conversations and links being made and we’re aiming high on the food hygiene rating!

Thank you so much to everyone who had a part to play!!