Friday in the cafe – 29th May 2015

Day 2 for Theo standing in for Emma as Emma takes a well earned break over half term. The day started very quiet and a lot of our regulars were away this week but the food was still excellent! We also took deliver of a load of bread and salad along with more salad so today was obviously going to be a salad day!

Today we served up:

  • 14 portions of soup
  • 8 portions of chicken casserole (with optional salad)
  • 20 portions of hot dog in a roll (with optional salad)
  • 3 portions of vegetable stew (with optional salad)
  • 6 portions of naked fruit salad

We also had a food boutique today with mostly salad on it, surprise, surprise! There were approximately 23 portions of food taken as take out on a PAYF basis.

Thank you everyone for the £28.26 in donations and for the help in the kitchen. Your help is very much appreciated but if anyone is able to help at the end of the day with clearing up between 3pm and 4.30pm your help would be especially appreciated!

Naked Fruit Salad

I’ve been asked several times recently what a “naked fruit salad” is so here’s the answer.

We run a cafe based on intercepted food, food otherwise destined for landfill but perfectly useable. We have little or no choice over what food we get and that is why we value our chef’s so highly – they cook amazing meals from whatever turns up. But it does mean that we may have a load of fruit that needs using up but no cream, custard or other topping – thus the “naked” bit in the title, there is nothing to cover the fruit!

This also explains why we may sometimes be short of sugar, milk, soy sauce, ketchup or caviar!

So please don’t complain if there is something missing that you would have liked, just marvel at the fact that we have taken what some people consider rubbish and created an amazing meal for you (even though it may have been even better with custard!)

Tuesday in the cafe – 26th May 2015

Theo was in charge today, and as you can see from the photos, although he looks laid back and relaxed there are times when he is just a blur! About 35 customers visited today and they had the following:

  • 18 portions of “Veg of the day” soup (actually any veg we had handy!)
  • 24 portions of chicken casserole
  • 11 portions of vegetable stew
  • 11 portions of melonomous fruit salad (this was based around a melon in case you hadn’t worked it out!)
  • 8 portions of raspberry marshmallow crisp
  • 12 “absolutely fantastic” cup cakes – we tried to make these last by cutting them in half but they just flew off the plate. Thank you Ollie for the interception!

Thank you everyone for coming, for the £34-69 in donations, for the help in the kitchen and with cleaning up. Your help was much appreciated. A special thanks to Theo and to all the other volunteers.

If you would like to volunteer then do come along on a Tuesday or Thursday, stick your head around the kitchen door and ask for Emma or Paul, or you can email Emma on

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Friday 22nd May

Half term about to start, Emma on holiday, it’s going to be quiet today. 

Or maybe not!

Abbie was standing in for Emma today and prepared some amazing food but by midday we thought there would be no one to eat it. And then the doors opened and it was non stop for the next few hours! We served nearly 50 people today and received donations of £76.83 plus help with the washing up and the installation of a new toilet in the gents! Food served included:

  • 18 portions of leek and potato soup
  • A couple of tinned soups of ’57 vintage!
  • 24 portions of quiche
  • 15 portions of chicken satay
  • 3 portions of vegetable curry
  • 3 portions of chicken curry
  • 5 portions of stir fry vegetables
  • 2 portions of cabbage crumble and cheese
  • 10 portions of rhubarb tarte
  • 10 portions of fruit salad
  • 20 portions of raspberry marshmallow crisp

We ran out of food at one point and Abbie managed to rustle up some more tasty food. A huge thank you to all our customers who showed great patience and humour and were so generous with their donations and comments. Do please leave a comment (perferably positive!) either here or on our Facebook page.

Also a big thank you to all the volunteers who made today possible – and sorry Emma, I think we raided some of the food you had prepared for later!

At the café today…

What a ‘Souper’ day!
The roasted cauliflower soup was very popular and people even braved the brussel sprout rosti! We had 39 people dining with us in total, including a couple of babies and the postman – who took a piece of rocky road to enjoy on his rounds.

Our volunteers did a wonderful job, as always. Amy headed up the cooking and produced the fabulous tagine – thank you! Plus we had 2 new volunteers who fitted straight into the team.

Tamsin had some great conversations about the time bank. In fact, she managed to link 2 people up there and then in the café. One person needed her trousers taken up and the other lady was a seamstress. Take a look at the other skills that are in the time bank this week (see above) and get in touch with Tamsin if you want to request or receive.

Here’s the figures of what we served this week:
19 portions of roasted cauliflower soup
25 portions of morroccan vegetable stew
2 cheese salads
9 portions of bacon and sprout rosti
9 portions of Eve’s pudding
15 portions of rocky road
10 portions of bread and butter pudding

Thank you so much to everyone who supported us today – be it through volunteering in the café, donating items that we can use, donating money, clearing litter from the car park, distributing posters, eating our food, doing administration, introducing others to the café, or supporting us in prayer. It is amazing that there are so many ways in which people help us. We feel very blessed to have you all as part of the café!