Tuesday in the cafe – 26th May 2015

Theo was in charge today, and as you can see from the photos, although he looks laid back and relaxed there are times when he is just a blur! About 35 customers visited today and they had the following:

  • 18 portions of “Veg of the day” soup (actually any veg we had handy!)
  • 24 portions of chicken casserole
  • 11 portions of vegetable stew
  • 11 portions of melonomous fruit salad (this was based around a melon in case you hadn’t worked it out!)
  • 8 portions of raspberry marshmallow crisp
  • 12 “absolutely fantastic” cup cakes – we tried to make these last by cutting them in half but they just flew off the plate. Thank you Ollie for the interception!

Thank you everyone for coming, for the £34-69 in donations, for the help in the kitchen and with cleaning up. Your help was much appreciated. A special thanks to Theo and to all the other volunteers.

If you would like to volunteer then do come along on a Tuesday or Thursday, stick your head around the kitchen door and ask for Emma or Paul, or you can email Emma on emma@cafe.allhallowsleeds.org.uk


Friday 27th March in Pictures

Sadly I didn’t take many pictures today, but I did manage to capture the great Adam Smith!

Friday 20th February in pictures

Friday 13th February in Pictures

Friday 6th February in Pictures

Friday 30th January in Pictures