Live At All Hallows gig – Ewan McLennan and George Monbiot

An amazing evening of food at the cafe followed by Ewan McLennan and George Monbiot making us think about loneliness and entertaining us at the same time.

Nathan and crew cooked up a fantastic menu but the squirrel and hedgehog were safe – George is vegan but does eat roadkill – I hope he preferred Nathan’s cooking to cooked squirrel! 

And thank you to Ewan and George for dedicating that beautiful instrumental to TRJFP

Introductory Yoga

Starting this Tuesday we will be having introductory sessions of Yoga led by Yogini Lea. Yoga is widely regarded as a way of improving your health including improving flexibility, muscle strength and control, posture, blood flow, boosting your immune system and many other benfits.

Yogini Lea has practiced Yoga since she was 9 years old. She will be leading introductory sessions from 11am to midday (just in time for lunch!) on Tuesdays. This will be on a donation basis with a recommended donation of £2 per person.

Why not give it a try?

If you would like to know more see Lea’s website at

Feeling crafty? Summer eco craft workshops

From bath bombs to cushions there’s something from everyone. No experience necessary!

  • Tuesday 16th August 11am-1pm: Transform a pillow case into an Eco Shopping Bag
  • Thursday 18th August 6pm-8pm: Cushion Making
  • Tuesday 23rd August 11am-1pm: Bath bombs
  • Thursday 25th August 6pm-8pm: Bunting Making

All workshops will be at All Hallows Church and will cost between £10-£15 (with a 20% off concession price). Book your tickets now. All funds are going towards Tidal‘s summer fundraising drive, aiming to raise £1500 by the end of September.

And, on a Tuesday, if you are feeling a little hungry after your creative burst why not sneak a crafty bite to eat in the cafe?