Naked Fruit Salad

I’ve been asked several times recently what a “naked fruit salad” is so here’s the answer.

We run a cafe based on intercepted food, food otherwise destined for landfill but perfectly useable. We have little or no choice over what food we get and that is why we value our chef’s so highly – they cook amazing meals from whatever turns up. But it does mean that we may have a load of fruit that needs using up but no cream, custard or other topping – thus the “naked” bit in the title, there is nothing to cover the fruit!

This also explains why we may sometimes be short of sugar, milk, soy sauce, ketchup or caviar!

So please don’t complain if there is something missing that you would have liked, just marvel at the fact that we have taken what some people consider rubbish and created an amazing meal for you (even though it may have been even better with custard!)

What’s the recipe today Jim?

Anyone remember that phrase? And how apt it is for TRJFP Cafes. We can’t plan the menus a week in advance as we can’t guarantee what food will be available. It takes a bit of skill to be able to create an amazing menu under these circumstances but Adam seems to do an amazing job over at Armley and our chefs are trying to emulate his skills.

So, watch out on our website and on Facebook tomorrow morning to find out what is being rustled up, and come and join us any time between 10am and 4pm.

And if you fancy a challenge as a chef why not have a word with Emma, we can never have too many chefs – can we?