Changes at TRJFP@AH

There are some changes afoot at All Hallows’ Cafe. Emma, who was a co-founder of the cafe and has been a fantastic manager for the first two and a bit years is preparing to move to York where her husband is now working so she sadly left us at the beginning of January – she is and will be greatly missed.

We also had a trial period of four months before Christmas where TRJFP network provided us with Nathan as a chef and with other staff to help us open the cafe for more time during the week. This has now come to an end with Nathan visiting Uganda to continue setting up an orphanage and TRJFP network focusing more on their Sharehouse / warehouse / supermarket and their Fuel For Schools project.

This means that we are in the process of looking for a replacement for Emma as manager and that we are more dependent on volunteers for the day to day running of the cafe and sourcing food. This is proving a bit stressful for some of us and we cannot guarantee our normal level of service so I hope that you will have patience with us!

We are also taking these changes as an opportunity to rebrand – we are now Rainbow Junk-tion. We hope that we are a place of promise and of welcoming (the rainbow is a symbol of promise and inclusivity) and a place where all can meet (junction) and share in the abundance of waste food (Junk!)

You can find more about us and the latest news on our new website

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