Friday 25th November in the cafe…

It was another great, busy day in the cafe today. Jess, Nathan and the volunteer team did a great job, as always. Our 67 customers really enjoyed the menu. Though I have to say that the rice pudding received the response that you often get to marmite (other brands readily available). People either loved it or hated it. Interestingly the colour seemed to be the main problem. Anyway, here’s what was ordered to eat in the cafe, or take home for later:

  • 23 portions of Mexican bean soup
  • 14 portions of chicken and bacon stew
  • 14 portions of chickpea and potato curry
  • 37 portions of shepherds pie
  • 22 portions of rice pudding
  • 10 portions of strudel filled with poppy seed filling
  • 21 portions of apple or pineapple crumble

£93.63 was given in monetary donations and various people helped out in the kitchen, and in other parts of the cafe.

A big thank you to everyone who supported the cafe today! You helped us to #feed bellies not bins!

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