Tuesday 22nd November in the cafe…

It was a very busy, but good day in the cafe today.  Jess and the wonderful team of volunteers cooked up a great menu! Here’s what our 70 customers ordered from it, to eat in or take home for later:

  • 29 portions of garlic and potato soup
  • 14 portions of bean stew and rice
  • 24 portions of spaghetti bolognaise
  • 18 portions of margarita, chicken and mushroom, or ham and onion pizza
  • 13 portions of green Thai vegetable curry and rice
  • 17 portions of cherry and apple crumble
  • 14 portions of strudel with poppy seed filling
  • 7 portions of apple and blackberry sorbet

£79.34 was given in monetary donations and lots of people helped out in the cafe area and the kitchen. 6 boxes of food were intercepted from Leeds West Food Bank. They were filled with tins, packets and jars.

Our customers today Included St Michael’s Green Group.  They loved their experience in the cafe and several of them hope to come back again soon. It is always great to have new customers, who are learning about The Real Junk Food Project for the first time.

In the afternoon we were joined by Adam, Nathan and Chris. Chris was preparing a buffet for this evening, whilst Adam and Nathan were preparing for this evening’s bistro. We all loved watching experienced chefs at work. Bishop Paul then arrived to join in the cooking for the bistro. The idea is that he and Adam will show how great it is to cook with ‘waste’ food. Hopefully convincing other people tonight, to start up new TRJFP cafes!

A big thank you to everyone who supported the cafe today! You helped us #feed bellies not bins!

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