Tuesday 18th October in the cafe…

It was a great day in the cafe! Nathan and Jamie cooked up some fabulous dishes which our 64 customers really enjoyed. Here’s what they ordered to eat in or take home for later:

  • 30 portions of bean, carrot and fennel soup
  • 29 portions of cheese pasty, mashed potato and salad
  • 17 portions of tomato and spinach penne pasta
  • 7 portions of bagel with various toppings
  • 7 portions of roasted mixed vegetables with couscous
  • 26 portions of blueberry and apple cake
  • 12 portions of fruit salad
  • 8 portions of lemon cheesecake
  • 3 portions of strawberry trifle mix up

£110.02 was given in monetary donations and a number of people helped out in the kitchen. Lots of fresh food and tins were intercepted from food banks, as well as from individuals.

Alex Bateman from Virtual College Bradford came into the cafe today, to present food hygiene level 2 certificates. Virtual College has very kindly given us these courses as a gift for the project. We really value this amazing opportunity to train people! Some of those who have completed the course, will continue to work within the project, whilst others will take their new skills into employment.

A big thank you to everyone who supported the cafe today! You helped us to #feed bellies not bins!

This week:

  • In the cafe on Thurs,  1.30pm – 3pm Ray of Hope Project – clothes run
  • Thursday, 10am – 4pm cafe open as usual
  • Friday, 10am – 4pm cafe open as usual
  • Friday – Rainbow Bistro, 6pm – 7.30pm, pre-gig (George Monbiot and Ewan McLennan)

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