Friday 7th October in the cafe…

It was another busy day in the cafe. A small team of volunteers worked hard in the kitchen this morning, to cook up some tasty dishes! (Anyone who can help out on a Friday morning, please let us know. We could do with a few more pairs of hands.) The food went done well with our 58 customers. Here’s what they ate in the cafe, or took home for later:

  • 29 portions of marrow and spice soup
  • 39 portions of chicken with pepperoni and paprika
  • 17 portions of lentil and bean bake with cheese
  • 3 portions of sausage roll and salad
  • 31 portions of lemon curdy pudding
  • 7 portions of fruit salad

£83.82 was given in monetary donations and various people helped out in the kitchen. 13.5kg of marrow was intercepted along with some beautiful bread from the Leeds Bread Coop.

A big thank you to everyone who supported the cafe today! You helped us to #feed bellies not bins!

This week’s opening times are:

  • CLOSED on Monday
  • OPEN 10am till 4pm on Tuesday
  • OPEN 10am till 4pm on Thursday
  • OPEN 10am till 4pm on Friday
  • OPEN for the Rainbow 🌈 Bistro, Friday, 7.30pm till 9.30pm (book through Facebook or by popping into the cafe)

1 thought on “Friday 7th October in the cafe…

  1. Adel Church has Harvest Festival ‘raw’ and fresh food to bring to you. I suggest we bring it on Tuesday as you are closed Monday. The tins etc are going to the NE Leeds Food bank depot- just this week a rather bigger delivery than we take to them most other weeks!
    Love, prayers and thanks for all you do

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