Tuesday 13th September in the cafe…

It was a wonderful day in the cafe today. We had 8 volunteers who worked really well as a team. They produced some delicious food for today, as well as helping to prepare for tomorrow’s menu. It’s always a blessing when people are so productive! Here’s what our 50 customers ordered today, to eat in or take away:

  • 12 portions of roasted pepper soup
  • 25 potions of cheese and kale, or ham and tomato quiche
  • 17 portions of egg and/or houmous salad
  • 4 portions of fajitas
  • 4 portions of sprout, potato, onion and bacon rosti
  • 7 portions of apple crumble
  • 12 portions of fruit salad
  • 12 portions of summer fruits, or summer fruits Eton mess

£74.96 was given in monetary donations and a number of people helped out in the kitchen, garden and cafe area.

A huge thank you to everyone who supported the cafe in whatever way! You helped us to #feed bellies not bins!

Don’t forget this week:

  • Thursday, 10am till 4pm – a special Syrian Kitchen (come along and enjoy the amazing food, PAYF)
  • Friday, 10am till 4pm – cafe, PAYF
  • Friday, 7.30pm till 9.30pm – Rainbow Bistro! (a fine dining experience, PAYF) Book on Facebook or through the cafe

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