Friday 1st July in the cafe…

Our team worked hard in the kitchen today, cooking up delicious food for today, as well as a few more cupcakes for the Walk of Art tomorrow. Here’s what our 35 customers ordered to eat in or take away:

  • 19 portions of potato and cauliflower soup
  • 7 portions of tuna and sweetcorn bake
  • 6 portions of puff pastry vegetable tart
  • 6 portions of vegetable frittata
  • 11 portions of lentil and bean wraps
  • 2 portions of fish pie
  • 1 portion of cheese sandwich
  • 1 portion of egg salad
  • 10 portions of rocky road
  • 10 portions of banoffee mix up
  • 4 portions of watermelon
  • 1 portion of rhubarb crumble

£79.29 was given in monetary donations and various people worked hard on the kitchen. We recieved some large food interceptions from Makkah Mosque and a food bank, as well as some donations from students. Thank you very much to all of you!

A couple of people who we have not seen for a while, dropped in to the cafe today. It is always great to see old friends and catch up with the things that they have been up to.

A big thank you to everyone who supported the cafe today! You helped us to #feed bellies not bins!

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