Friday 27th May in the cafe…

We were absolutely surprised at our visiting team of medical students who came and showed their catering skills.
They worked with care, precision and culinary skills. The fab 4 made the most delicious pizza’s “Just a like Mamma used to make”

On the board this week was:

Kale and Aubergine soup, a green and very healthy starter indeed. (2 of your 5 a day already)
Curried vegetable soup, it was hearty and spicy and very popular.

Vegetable Lasagna which even the meat eaters found truly authentic and worthy of a top restaurant place on the menu.

Two amazing Pizza’s, Pepperoni and Margarita, the standards were high and these came out of the oven as if we were in Rome!
Then another superb option was vegetable quiche and it was difficult to want to cut into them they looked a picture.
All served with fresh salads and Simon’s home made dressing.

Desserts were equally done to perfection by the medics.

Bread and butter pudding was so so fluffy and filled packed with juicy raisins
King of puddings which everyone found very regal.

Last but not least Simon excelled with his strawberry melon boats, they sailed everyone away, he made his own couli and the presentation was fit for a queen. Not to mention his strawberry smoothies……….deeeeeeelicious

As you can hear it was a meal to be had and not to be missed, hope this tempts you all to come and taste for yourself, certainly worth a donation.

It’s half term next week but we will still be open:

  • Tuesday 10am till 4pm
  • Thursday 10am till midday
  • Friday 10am till 4pm

We hope to see you then!

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