Friday 11th March in the cafe…

Yesterday the kitchen team cooked up a delicious menu, despite the worry that there didn’t seem to be many fresh ingredients. By digging deep in the freezer and searching through the cupboard, inspiration came and the menu was created. It was then suplimented with a late interception of food from M Local and the Co op.

30 customers came to sample the tasty dishes. Here’s what they ordered or took home for later:

  • 4 portions of organic lentil and courgette soup
  • 20 portions of mixed vegetable soup
  • 7 portions of avacado and salami salad
  • 12 portions of chicken satay with rice
  • 10 portions of vegetarian lasagna
  • 15 portions of pear crumble
  • 5 portions of bread and butter pudding
  • 4 portions of mincemeat tart
  • 2 portions of fruit salad

£103.68 was given in monetary donations, a couple of people cleared up the garden and others helped with the washing up. Quite a lot in food was intercepted including fruit, bread, salad and milk.

A big thank you to everyone who supported the cafe yesterday! You helped us to #feed bellies not bins!

Have a great weekend.

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