Tuesday 2nd February in the cafe…

We were very privileged to have Nazia cook for us again today. She produced some excellent food, which was very popular. Adam (the founder of TRJFP) and his son joined us for lunch before going on to a meeting about #fuel for school. There was a lovely atmosphere as people enjoyed their food, chatted and encouraged one another.

Here’s what our 56 customers ate in the cafe or took home for later:

  • 16 portions of parsnip and carrot soup
  • 25 portions dahl, vegetable pilau and naan
  • 8 portions of potato curry
  • 12 portions if vegetarian cottage pie
  • 18 portions of cheese and pepper pasta bake
  • 29 portions of apple pie
  • 3 portions of bread and butter pudding
  • 14 portions of lime and coconut cheesecake

£48.26 was received in monetary donations. More money was given earlier on in the day, but sadly it was stolen from the donation tub close to closing time. Various people helped out with the washing up and clearing up, with one of them staying right to the bitter end – thank you so much to you all! A number of food donations were recieved including vegetables, bread and flapjack.

A big thank you to everyone who supported the cafe today in whatever way.

Dont forget that we are open on Thursday – 10am till midday for cooked breakfasts on a PAYF basis. Then, on Friday 10am till 4pm as usual.

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