Friday 15th January in the cafe…

We had 32 customers through the doors today, including some people that we have not seen for a while. It’s lovely to be able to welcome people back and catch up on their news. Here are the dishes that were enjoyed in the cafe, or taken home for later:

  • 9 portions of mushroom soup
  • 3 portions of broccoli and Stilton soup
  • 10 portions of carrot and butternut squash soup
  • 10 portions of bacon, sprout and potato rosti
  • 14 portions of beef burgers with salad
  • 8 portions of bean burgers with salad
  • 12 portions of apple crumble
  • 4 portions of bread and butter pudding
  • 4 portions of fruit salad

Two new people joined us as volunteers. It’s always great to have new people getting to know the project and sharing their time and skills with us. We are now blessed with a good core of volunteers, who are wonderful at showing others the ropes. A huge thank you to everyone who volunteered today!

There were lots of food donations including orange and pomegranate juice, panettone, fruit and vegetables. £66.68 was given in monetary donations. This included £15 of donations recieved by a student who makes healthy snacks with our intercepted food and sells them on a PAYF basis at the university.

Finally a big thank you to everyone who supported the cafe today, in whatever way! We really appreciate your help. You helped us to #feed bellies not bins!

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