Tuesday 5th January in the cafe…

We had a great team in the kitchen today who made some lovely dishes. I’m not sure that they want to see any more parsnips soon though. There was a very large quantity of fairly small specimens that were peeled, chopped and then cooked!

37 customers enjoyed the food. The banoffee pie and turkey casserole were particularly popular. Here’s what was served up to eat in or take away:

  • 20 portions of parsnip and vegetable soup
  • 19 portions of turkey casserole
  • 14 portions of layered vegetable bake
  • 14 portions of banoffee pie
  • 7 portions of apple and pear cobbler
  • 9 portions of fruit salad

We intercepted many kilos of food today – one car boot load from a local charity and 3 large crates from a church in Armley. There were also other donations from individuals, the Co op and another smaller shop. £57.16 was given in monetary donations and various people helped out in different ways.

A big thank you to everyone who supported the cafe today! You are helping us to #feed bellies, not bins!

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