Friday 25th December – Christmas Day Meal

Well, what an amazing day! Many, many people helped out in different ways, to help prepare for, serve, and clear up after, today’s Christmas Day celebration. From the beautiful decorations, to raffle prizes, to tasty meat and cheese…it all provided 65 people with a wonderful 4 course meal and some Christmas Day fun. I could try to thank people personally, but I would probably miss someone out.

Here is the delicious menu that was served up:

  • pea and spinach soup
  • meat and trimmings
  • peppers stuffed with lentils, served with vegetables
  • christmas pudding and custard
  • chocolate fudge cake
  • gluten free cheesecake
  • stilton and wendsleydale cheese with biscuits

There were some special moments during the day. Watching people from all different backgrounds chatting and celebrating together – cafe regulars, church members, gentlemen from the residential home next door, a Muslim family, a Jewish lady… was a sight to behold. Then there was the raffle, when people were thrilled to receive various prizes. Finally, my favourite part was when all of the left over food was put on a long table and our guests were allowed to make up a parcel to take home. Several people said they didn’t want to take more than they should, but were then over the moon to be able to load up their bag with lots of luxuries that they couldn’t usually afford.

£168.38 was given in monetary donations and as already said, many people helped out.

A massive thank you to everyone who made today possible, including those who came as guests!!!

Happy Christmas!

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