Friday 11th December in the cafe…

It was a fun, busy day in the cafe yesterday. We had a fabulous kitchen team who cooked up a very tasty menu. Here’s what our 56 customers enjoyed:

  • 36 portions of roasted vegetable soup
  • 36 portions of sausage casserole
  • 12 portions of ratatouille
  • 8 portions of flower sprouts, potato and bacon rosti
  • 11 portions of King of puddings
  • 24 portions of bread and butter pudding with chocolate sauce
  • 14 portions of fruit salad

We received £138.92 in monetary donations and various people helped out with the menu, washing up and cleaning up. One of our longstanding volunteers was particularly amazing, carefully juggling lots of jobs in the cafe and staying to the very end. Thanks very much to you!

We had a number of food donations including cabbage, fruit, cake, bread and flower sprouts! It’s always lovely to recieve new ingredients that we have not cooked with before.

A huge thank you also to everyone else who supported the cafe yesterday, be it as a customer, volunteer, someone who donated money or food, or in some other way! We really value your help! You help us to #feed bellies not bins.

Have a great weekend! We are open on:

Tuesday – 10am till 3pm (please note that we close early on this day!)

Friday – 10am till 4pm

Ps: Christmas decorations are starting to appear in the cafe. If you would like to bring any more in, do feel free.

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