Saturday 5th December, Pre-gig Dinner

We had a great team in the kitchen this evening who did a fabulous job! 44 customers joined us before the gig and then others collected puddings during half time. They included a group of 10 who were celebrating a 21st birthday. We recieved lots of compliments about the food, particularly the cheesecake!

Here’s what people ordered or took home for later:

  • 31 portions of organic tomato and basil soup
  • 14 portions of Mediterranean chicken with pasta
  • 11 portions of lentil bake and pilau rice
  • 14 portions of spinach frittata
  • 25 portions of wendsleydale and lime cheesecake
  • 12 portions of profiteroles with chocolate sauce
  • 13 portions of fruit salad
  • 4 portions of strawberries with chocolate sauce
  • 1 portion of banana sorbet

£364.49 was given in monetary donations, along with 2 Euro coins. Thank you so much to everyone who supported the cafe this evening! We really enjoyed serving you!

You helped us to #feed bellies not bins!

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