Friday 4th December in the cafe…

Yesterday was an exciting day in the cafe. We received a wonderful donation of aprons and mugs, both printed with the cafe logo! They are a fantastic way of advertising the cafe and making volunteers feel that they are part of a team.

Those who volunteered in the kitchen cooked up some delicious food. The two highlights were the Yorkshire pudding with chicken and gravy, and the persimmon biscuit crumble. In fact, one of our customers took the recipe for the crumble, so that she could make it herself. This is why we try to choose simple recipes to cook with. It means that anyone who likes them, can easily make them at home.

Here are the plates that were served to our 35 customers:

  • 26 portions of tomato and basil soup
  • 14 portions of Yorkshire pudding with chicken and gravy
  • 12 cheese plates
  •  6 portions of dips and sticks
  • 5 portions of vegetable stew with parsnip and yam mash
  • 10 portions of mixed cake bake
  • 12 portions of persimmon biscuit crumble
  • 5 portions of fruit salad

£117.81 was given in monetary donations and various people helped out with writing up the menu, preparing food, washing up and clearing up. We recieved lots of food donations including fruit, fish, vegetables, sausages, and even a few scallops!

A few volunteers went out into the street and handed cakes out to students. They served 25 Danish pastries and 16 portions of mincemeat tart. £13.60 was given in return.

Plus, one student has been taking ingredients from the project and making ‘energy balls’ to sell in the Green Action Co-op Shop on Leeds University Campus. So far, she has made a profit of £15.96. It is so great to see her using ‘bin food’ (or food that was destined for the bin) in this way!

So, putting all of the money together, our grand total for yesterday was £147.37.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported us in whatever way!

Don’t forget that Leeds Urban Harvest are coming into the cafe on Tuesday to juice more apples. We need your help if you are free.

Keep helping us to #feed bellies not bins!

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