Tuesday 24th November in the cafe…

We had the blessing of lots of volunteers today, including some great cooks! Our 48 customers really enjoyed the wonderful food that they produced. Here’s what was eaten in the cafe or taken away for later:

  • 15 portions of carrot and corriander soup
  • 12 portions of broccoli and Stilton soup
  • 16 portions of crispy macaroni cheese
  • 15 portions of vegetarian pasties with spiced cabbage
  • 7 portions of vegetarian moussaka
  • 1 portions of chicken, bacon and cheese pasta bake
  • 10 portions of vegetarian lasagne
  • 15 portions of croissant and chocolate bread and butter pudding
  • 5 portions of apple crumble
  • 10 portions of gluten free carrot cake

As usual lots of networking went on. People shared ideas, support and skills. Emma headed out to intercept some more food and it filled the boot of her car. She ended up taking some of it to Armley Junk-tion to make sure that it all gets eaten whilst it is still good quality. It’s crazy that as we get closer to Christmas, more and more food is wasted. We anticipate intercepting large quantities in the coming weeks.

£53.09 was given in monetary donations and lots of people helped with jobs like logging food, washing up and clearing up.

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to the cafe today! It is so good to see the sense of community that you have all created in the cafe space!

Keep helping us, particularly in the lead up to Christmas, to #feed bellies NOT bins.

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