Tuesday 17th November in the cafe…

Today was a busy day in the cafe. Leeds Urban Harvest were working very hard, juicing apples all day. They made 40 litres of juice! In the kitchen, there was great teamwork as delicious dishes and cakes (for a future event) were cooked up. Plus, we had lots of customers – 48 in total!

Here’s what was served in the cafe, to eat in or take away:

  • 5 portions of Mediterranean soup
  • 11 portions of parsnip and apple soup
  • 9 portions of celery and Stilton soup
  • 19 portions of parsnip bacon and cheese bake
  • 13 portions of sweet potato and mushroom rissotto
  • 7 portions of cabbage with crispy cheese crumb
  • 10 portions of mixed bean hotpot
  • 3 portions of bean burgers
  • 6 portions of 4 cheese pizza
  • 1 omlette
  • 1 steak pie
  • 20 portions of panettone bread and butter pudding
  • 5 portions of croissant and chocolate bread and butter pudding
  • 6 portions of pumpkin pie
  • 10 portions of chocolate cake
  • 2 portions of pear crumble

We recieved lots of donations of apples and some other food donations including chocolate and biscuits. £122.22 was given in monetary donations.

A big thank you to everyone who supported the cafe today, as a volunteer, customer, Leeds Urban Harvest, or in some other way. Thank you also for your patience in waiting for orders when the cafe was very busy. Your support enables us to  #feed bellies not bins!

We are open again on Friday 10am till 4pm. We hope to see you then.

NB: There is still lots of freshly squeezed apple juice which needs a home, along with lots of apples! Come and collect some on a PAYF basis on Friday.

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