Friday 23rd October in the cafe…

  1. Our 40 customers enjoyed a tasty menu today, prepared by our wonderful kitchen team! Despite the curry being quite spicy, there was very little that returned to the kitchen on plates and there were lots of compliments.  People were a little dubious about the fig and peanut butter dessert, but when they tried it, they were pleasantly surprised. Plus, they loved he fact that it was gluten free! We’ll put the recipe on the website.

Here’s the summary of what was eaten in the cafe or taken home for later:

  • 21 portions of roasted cauliflower soup (roasting the cauliflower always brings out the flavour!)
  • 9 portions of courgette and blue cheese soup
  • 20 portions of vegetable curry
  • 9 portions of stuffed marrow
  • 8 portions of stuffed cabbage
  • 16 portions of apple charlotte
  • 13 portions of fig and peanut butter squares
  • 1 portion of chocolate muffin and custard

We recieved several food donations today, including Thai curry sauce, sandwiches and pickled onions. £55.09 was given in monetary donations and a group of people helped with the washing up, writing the menu and clearing plates.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported us today!

We hope you have a great weekend. Do come down to the cafe next week. We are open:

tuesday 10am – 4pm

thursday 10.30am – 12pm

friday 10am – 4pm  (come and enjoy pumpkin pie!)

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