Tuesday 20th October in the cafe…

There was a wonderful team working in the kitchen today. They cooked up some delicious dishes. In fact it was sometimes hard for customers to choose, so they opted for a small portion of a couple of things!

On this sunny day, here is what our 25 customers ate or took home for later:

  • 15 portions of courgette and blue cheese soup
  • 10 portions of chicken salad
  • 9 portions of Dahl
  • 4 portions of stuffed marrow
  • 6 portions of stuffed cabbage
  • 3 portions of fruit salad
  • 9 portions of chocolate muffin and custard

£18.79 was given in monetary donations and several people helped by washing up, writing up the menu and laying tables.

Thank you very much to everyone who supported us today!

We hope you have a good week and we look forward to seeing you when we are open on:

thursday 10.30am – 12pm        Or

friday 10am – 4pm

Keep helping us to # feed bellies not bins!

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