Friday 9th October in the cafe…

We started this beautiful sunny day by receiving a van full of food, that our Real Junk Food Project partners brought us from Wigan. A wonderful team of people helped us to unload it in just 20 minutes! Then, later on, one of our regular volunteers did the amazing job of logging it all. Thank you!

Our kitchen team worked hard, serving up tasty, nutritious meals. There were many compliments, particularly about the courgette and blue cheese soup!

Here’s what people ate or took home for later:

  • 15 portions of courgette and blue cheese soup
  • 14 portions of cream of carrot soup
  • 9 portions of beetroot and ham pasta
  • 6 portions of pepperoni pizza
  • 6 portions of quiche and salad
  • 9 portions of vegetable stew and dumplings
  • 11 portions of croissant bread and butter pudding
  • 13 portions of mixed fruit cobbler
  • 9 portions of fruit salad

There were 32 customers in total. £30.71 was given in monetary donations and a couple of people paid by doing a long stint of washing up. It was a huge help! Thank you. We were also given some food donations including pasta, rice, beans, cous cous and tinned soup.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed today, in whatever way.

Have a great weekend!

We are open again on Tuesday, 10am till 4pm. Another large delivery is due in before that, at 9am. If you are free, we would REALLY APPRECIATE your help!


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