Saturday 3rd October – Pop Up Cafe

Today we worked alongside Leeds Beckett Student Union at their Welcome to Leeds event. We ran the pop up cafe from Wrangthorne Church near Hyde Park Corner. Some of our 85 customers came into the cafe, but we also headed out into the skate park and onto the street to promote the food. It was well received by everyone who ate it. One of our customers said it was, “…the best burger I have ever eaten!” which was praise indeed!

Here’s what people ate:

  • 10 fish fingers in a bun
  • 15 cheddar cheese and roasted pepper wraps
  • 30 beef burger in a bun
  • 25 minted lamb burger in a bun
  • 10 pieces of banana cake
  • 11 pieces of courgette cake
  • 8 pieces of flapjack
  • 8 pieces of fruit cake
  • 2 pieces of panettone

£115.18 was given in donations.

Thank you very much to everyone who supported the cafe today!


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