Tuesday 15th September in the cafe…

We had a steady flow of customers today in the cafe, 34 in total. There was much excitement as the local ‘wild’ cat and her kittens were spotted in the garden at the side of the church building. It turns out that she is not so wild, as various people in the neighbourhood regularly feed her. So I guess we could call her a ‘shared’ cat?

Anyway, the team in the kitchen cooked up some wonderful dishes today that were very much appreciated by those who ate them! Here’s what was consumed in the cafe or taken home for later:

  • 22 portions of mushroom soup
  • 12 portions of courgette and potato curry
  • 22 portions of chicken satay and rice
  • 19 portions of apple crumble and custard
  • 4 portions of homemade ice cream

We recieved £48.93 in monetary donations and lots of people helped out in the kitchen with washing up, clearing up and cleaning. Thank you so much to all those who helped!

Thank you also to all those who supported us in other ways today!

Have a good week and we hope to see you on Friday between 10am and 4pm.

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