Friday 4th September in the cafe…

Our wonderful team of helpers did a great job today. They cooked up a delicious menu, plus lots of extra soup!! This means that our huge store of courgettes, peppers and cabbage has now been reduced to a manageable size (E.g. from 30kg of courgettes to 10kg).

33 customers joined us in the cafe today. Here’s what they ate in, or took home for later:

  • 25 portions of soup
  • 11 portions of chicken casserole and rice
  • 16 portions of vegetarian lasagna
  • 7 portions of dahl
  • 21 portions of mint chocolate cheesecake
  • 8 portions of bread and butter pudding

We received £35.35 in monetary donations and a couple of people helped with the menu and some washing up.

Thanks very much to everyone who supported us today! Have a great weekend!

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