Tuesday 1st September in the cafe…

We had 30 customers today including a number of children. Adam Smith came to visit us with his son and so did a tiny kitten…though she didn’t try the food. Paul was working hard in the garden and the kitchen team did a great job, producing some tasty food!

Here’s what people ate in or took home for later:

  • 17 portions of carrot and butternut soup
  • 5 portions of chicken salad
  • 17 portions of chicken casserole
  • 8 portions of vegetarian bolognaise
  • 14 portions of sticky croissant pudding
  • 7 portions of fruit salad

We received £47.12 in donations and a couple of people helped out in other ways, by logging food and washing up.

Many thanks to everyone who supported us today! We really appreciate your help.

Don’t forget our Soup Fest this Friday!   Bring along a plastic tub to take some home to freeze (on a pay as you feel basis)!

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