Friday 17th July in the cafe…

We had 35 customers eating with us at the cafe today. Here’s what they ate in or took home for later:

  • 16 portions of mixed vegetable soup
  • 30 portions of lamb burger with salsa and potato wedges
  • 7 portions of Mediterranean bean salad
  • 5 portions of rice pudding with roasted plantain
  • 18 portions of fruit crumble

The volunteers in the kitchen did a fabulous job and got lots of compliments about the food! They now know the routine so well, that I was able to do some admin today whilst they cooked and served. Others helped out with writing up the menu, clearing up and washing up. We are very privileged to have such capable, dedicated people volunteering in the cafe! A huge thank you to you all!

£60.03 was given in monetary donations and various items were also donated including a kettle, some berries, biscuits and cake.

Thank you to everyone who supported us today, in whatever way!

The cafe is open as usual throughout the summer:  Tuesdays 10am till 4pm and Fridays 10am till 4pm.

Don’t forget that you can knit and natter on Tuesday – 2pm till 3.30pm. Why not invite a friend to join in?

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