Tuesday 14th July in the cafe…

Yesterday was a wonderful, busy day in the cafe. We had 47 customers. We served the majority of them between 12.30pm and 1.45pm. During this time there was a lovely atmosphere as people shared tables with people they didn’t know and kindly helped by bringing plates through to the kitchen.

Here’s what our customers ate in the cafe or took home for later:

  • 28 portions of parsnip soup
  • 29 portions of cauliflower and plantain curry
  • 16 portions of salad (either feta, sausage or mackerel)
  • 4 portions of chicken enchiladas
  • 21 portions of plum crumble
  • 12 portions of mince pie ice cream + orange and apricot compote
  • 6 portions of chocolate muffin and custard

We received £76.42 in monetary donations and several people helped to wash up in the kitchen, write up the menu and clear away plates. A few food donations were given to us as well, including jars of sauce and pasta.

The volunteers in the kitchen coped very well in the busy cafe. A couple of orders were slightly confused, but they persevered and did a brilliant job. As I’m sure the customers would agree, the food that they cooked was delicious! Thank you very much to you all!

Sadly Jen couldn’t make it to the cafe yesterday, however, she will be back next week – Tuesday 21st July, 2pm till 3.30pm. So if you have come along before, or fancy trying it out for the first time, join Jen for a knit and natter!

A big thank you to everyone who supported the cafe today! We couldn’t do what we do without you.

Help us to keep feeding bellies, not bins.

Open this Friday 17th July, 10am till 4pm.

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