Today in the cafe – 30th June

On this beautifully sunny, but rather hot day, we had 40 customers. Some of them enjoyed the weather whilst eating outside, whereas others tried to find a cooler space inside the cafe. Here what they ate or took away for later:

  • 3 portions of beans and egg on toast
  • 14 portions of garlic and roasted vegetable soup
  • 14 portions of stuffed cabbage leaves
  • 16 portions of vegetable curry
  • 2 portions of chicken casserole
  • 22 portions of fruit salad
  • 20 portions of chocolate croissant bread and butter pudding

The team in the kitchen did a wonderful job! There were lots of compliaments about the food. Some regulars at the cafe  helped out by washing up, taking orders and writing up the menu. The vicar and his wife also gave us lots of help with washing up and clearing up. A big thank you to you all!

We received £103.55 in monetary donations. Lots of frozen food was donated as well today, by some students. It is fantastic when people take the responsibility to hand food on to us in this way. It saved a freezer load of food from being binned. Plus, it gives us more food to cook with – hooray!

Jen was in the cafe running the ‘knit as you feel’ group. It is great to see people enjoying this hobby and having a good natter at the same time!

A huge thank you to everyone who supported the cafe today! You are helping us to feed bellies, not bins.

We hope to see you on Friday when we are open again between 10am and 4pm.

…and don’t forget the ‘waste food bake off’ on Sunday. We still need more entries, AND there are amazing prizes to be won, like hampers, hair straighteners and vouchers!

Email Sam to enter:

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