Friday in the cafe – 19th June

We had some fabulous chefs in the kitchen today, including Chris who cooked us a delicious curry with dhal. Lots of people commented on the pizzas, saying that they were the best pizzas they had eaten for a long while and the desserts were very popular too.

Our 40 customers ordered the following meals to eat in, or take home for later:

  • 13 portions of roasted tomato soup
  • 30 portions of pizza (either vegetable or pepperoni)
  • 9 portions of potato garam masala satay
  • 15 portions of apple pie
  • 14 portions of nectarine and apricot crumble
  • 6 portions of bread and butter pudding

We received £28.69 in monetary donations and 2 people did a couple of hours of washing and drying up in the kitchen – thank you! Another person kindly wrote up the menu on the blackboard – it was beautifully neat! Some mangoes were donated to the cafe, plus a large quantity of cakes. We were also blessed with lots of frozen food that was given to us by a student, who was leaving Leeds at the end of his academic year. Thank you very much for all of these donations!

Paul did an amazing job in the garden today. He had to dig up some foundations in order to make room for a new tree that he was planting. Plus, when he was taking a rest from that, he was sorting out the internet connection for the church. Wow! Thank you so much for all your hard work!

…and a final thanks to everyone else who supported the cafe today!

Don’t forget that we have the ‘knit as you feel’ knitting session on Tuesday in the cafe – 2pm till 3.30pm. Jen is happy to do crocheting and Pom poms too! It was great fun –   Why not try it out?

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