Tuesday 9th June in the cafe

We had 27 customers in the cafe yesterday. We were slightly later than usual at serving the food as we were short of volunteers in the kitchen. However, the quality of food was not affected and lots of tasty dishes were served up. Here’s what was eaten in the cafe or taken away for later:

  • 9 portions of cucumber soup
  • 17 portions of chicken pie
  • 11 portions of onion quiche and coleslaw
  • 1 portion of omelette
  • 13 portions of Bakewell tart
  • 19 portions of fruit crumble

We received a wonderful donation of baked beans yesterday – over 200 tins! A lovely selection of cake was also given, along with carrots and margarine. Some people are donating herbs from their gardens as well, such as mint and rosemary. We received £39.09 in monetary  donations and a couple of people helped out by setting up tables, washing up and logging food.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to the cafe yesterday in whatever way!

We hope to see you on Friday when we are open from 10am to 4pm.

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