Friday in the cafe – 5th June

Well it was a lovely day outside with the beautiful sunshine and also a lovely day inside the cafe. We had a large donation of food from St Anne’s first thing. It was more that we could use, so we handed it on to Adam. Food can always be used somewhere in the network!

Then at lunchtime we met a group of people from the Salvation Army. They came to see what we do at the All Hallows’ cafe. It is always great to have opportunities to share the project with others.

Our wonderful volunteers did an amazing job in the kitchen, as always. There were lots of positive comments about the food that they produced! Other people helped out in other ways. Theo kindly sharpened our knives along with a friend. One of our regular customers spent time in the kitchen washing up. Another customer played his guitar as people ate. Others brought food donations of scones, milk, bread and marmalade. Still others welcomed new comers. This is what community is all about.

Here’s what was eaten in the cafe or taken home for later:

  • 19 portions of roasted vegetable soup
  • 16 portions of blue cheese broccoli bake
  • 22 portions of sausage casserole
  • 1 portion of potato wedges and baked beans
  • 15 portions of croissant bread and butter pudding
  • 16 portions of apple pie

We received £91.13 in monetary donations from our 37 customers today. Thank you so much to everyone who supported us today in whatever way!

We hope you have a good weekend!


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