Tuesday in the cafe – 2nd June

We had a fabulous team working in the kitchen today. Several of them made some dishes for the first time. They showed creative flare and our 25 customers loved the food that they produced!

Here’s what people ordered or took home to enjoy later:

  • 8 portions of pea and mint soup
  • 11 portions of hot dogs and potato wedges
  • 8 portions of country vegetable stew
  • 15 portions of pizza and wedges
  • 18 portions of chocolate cake
  • 12 portions of mixed fruit crumble

We received £28.05 in monetary donations. Sadly this is not enough to cover the gas and electricity that we use in the cafe, nor to pay the rent.

Thank you to everyone who helped out with various jobs – filling up the urn, washing up, logging food, writing the menu, clearing plates. It is always great to have willing pairs of hands when we are busy. Thank also to everyone who supported us in other ways e.g. as a customer, volunteer, by recommending the cafe. We really value all of your help!

We are open as usual on Friday and hope to see you then!

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