Friday in the cafe…

We had a great team of volunteers helping in the kitchen today. They did a wonderful job of preparing the food. Plus, one of them spent a long time logging all of the new food that had been donated to the cafe – thank you so much!

We had 30 customers and here’s what they ate or took home for later:

  • 15 portions of leek and potato soup
  • 10 portions of cheesy cauliflower bake
  • 15 portions of vegetable curry
  • 11 portions of vegetable stir fry
  • 8 portions of hot cross bun bread and butter pudding and custard
  • 12 portions of meringue and grapes with vanilla sauce
  • 7 portions of pancakes with ice cream and toffee sauce
  • 1 portion of apple crumble and custard

Several of our customers came through into the kitchen and helped to wash plates and tidy up. It is always brilliant when people do this. In addition we had someone who asked about volunteering in the future.

Paul was out in the garden working hard to dig the soil, along with another volunteer. If anyone would like to join them next week, the help would be gratefully received.

We were given £64.30 in monetary donations. Other donations included scones, dried mango and ginger.

Thank you as always to everyone who supported us today!

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